Seonaid Lyons | Holistic Facials
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Hema Holistic Facial

Revitalise Replensih and Revive your skins natural glow. Seonaid’s signature style facial treatment blends together deep massage, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage, all under Margaret’s personal philosophy that skin should be treated like beautiful fabric. The skin is left hydrated, nourished, replenished and glowing, with the eyes de-creased, de-puffed and left ‘wide open’ once again.

Ancient Wisdom Rituals

Created by nature with a helping hand from aestheticienne Margaret Hema, each facial oil is hand made.
With over 20 years of research and development – Margaret Hema is the very definition of a premium natural skincare range.
Her philosophy is, “skin should be treated like beautiful fabric.”

Eat, Nourish, and Glow

Beautiful skin is the result of nourishing the skin from the inside and out.
It means you can wear less make up, and let your mysterious healthy glowing skin shine through.

My Story

Margret Hema handpicked me to mentor and award me with the Diploma in her Hema facial Technique and skincare philosophy. I became the Auckland Representative in 2010. With my years of experience in somatic practices and a deep understanding of the body in a holistic sense, my sensitive approach and intuitive touch caught the attention of the facial guru. An energy and passion for the organic lifestyle made me the perfect candidate to continue the Hema tradition.

Nourishing the Skin from the inside

Discover the natural secrets to glowing skin and vibrant health. A holistic approach to skincare, health and wellbeing it is not only what you put on your skin but what you but into your body. Beautiful skin is the result of nourishing the skin from the inside and out.




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